August 1, 2008

"Side Effects May Include... "

We live in a country where losing weight has actually become more of a fad, than a healthy choice. Because of our obsessive compulsive nature, we see something on t.v., read about it in a magazine, or see an article in the newspaper about a health concern, and suddenly everyone in America has that health problem. I think we've become so used to the subliminal use of commercials for things like fast food and medications, that we see anything on t.v. and automatically we've got that disease, disorder, health problem, mental disorder, etc.
We don't know how to really look at ourselves anymore without some image of somebody with a better body, whiter teeth, more money, etc, popping into our sub-conscious and effecting the way we see ourselves.
This is something that drug companies, weight loss programs, and their advertisers count on. That automatic CLICK, "You know, maybe that's what I have, I need that pill", way of thinking that we've adopted.
Those companies don't really want everyone to lose weight or get healthier, otherwise their out of business. They show you people that have never had weight loss problems, libido problems, or the health problem they are advertising for saying things like, "I've used this program and look at me" or "I took this pill and my wife is so much happier in the bedroom".
And, 99 percent of those companies are full of crap. They just want to fill their pockets and bank accounts with your hard earned money.
If you want to lose weight, for the most part, exercise and diet are the only things that are going to save you.
If you're having problems in the bedroom, their is probably an underlying problem within your body or mind, and you need to fix that problem, not start taking a pill that will help you every once and a while.
If you've got insomnia, once again their is probably an underlying physical or mental health problem that you need to attend to, not take a pill.
Pills and programs aren't going to fix everything, if you want to be healthy you have to work at it. "Miracle" pills, drugs, and cures have been around for thousands of years. The people who produce them just have a bigger media market, more research, and more funding now.
Don't be a pawn to the drug companies, weight loss program owners, and "miracle" cure makers. If you have a problem, figure out where it's stemming from and, if possible, fix that underlying problem. You're never going to get anywhere just treating the symptoms, you've got to go after the disease.
I'm not saying that if you have a legitimate reason to take medication that your should stop, I'm just saying that a lot of people are suffering from illnesses, mental disorders, and other problems that they create inside their own heads. Don't take my advice as medical advice, I'm not a doctor or a phychologist, I'm just someone that has faced some of these demons.