April 12, 2008

Ballet, A Sport Apart

Everyone is always watching football, basketball, tennis, etc and thinking about all the training involved. Things like stamina, speed, skill, strength, and on and on. But, nobody ever thinks about those things when connected with one simple thing, Ballet. When that word comes up, things like tights, cups, tutu's and such come into the mind of most.
Yet, the very skills I listed above, and more, are necessary to have any chance at all in Ballet. Ballet dancers go through years of rough training, injuries and all, just like the sports we think of most.
The thing that really adds to ballet, and sets it apart from these other sports, is the art of Ballet. Not only are these people pushing their body's to extremes, they are also doing so beautifully and artfully.
To sum it all up, Ballet is just as much a sport as any "mainstream" sport in the world today. So, next time your sitting there on your couch, watching the NFL, take the time to realize, 90 percent of those football players would cringe if asked to stand on the tips of their toes.
Try it some time, I would suggest with supervision, and with that one seemingly simple act, you'll get a vague idea of what it takes to be a Ballet dancer.

April 11, 2008

Strap on your Oxygen Mask...

It's amazing, the scientific advances we've made. We've come so far in technology that we've
actually come to the point were we can re-grow human organs and body parts. That's the latest thing, not cloning, exploring the possibilities of stem cells(they've finally found sources outside of the disgusting use of embryos).
But, what kind of consequences are going to come of this new technology? There's always a catch, a yin and yang. But, as usual, scientists are just moving ahead, no questions asked. Maybe if they want an example of what happens when you move forward, without looking at the whole picture, they can take a look at Microsoft. I know it's just a computer company, but look at the constant bugs in programs due to the lack of finishing the testing stage.
That's what we do with new technology, start using it before any long term research is completed. A few examples; cell phones and cancer, nuclear power plants and the waste produced, the war in Iraq, vaccines and autism, the list could fill this whole blog. We, humans, don't look at the whole playing field.
We've learned that if we want something, we've got to have it right now, no questions asked. We have stopped looking for answers and just march ahead blindly.
So, I ask again, What are the consequences going to be when we start meddling with something as sensitive as life?

April 10, 2008

The End

Another silly little cartoon that popped into my head, hand drawn on a drawing tablet. I just think it's funny, every once and a while, you see signs saying end of the world this, or that. So, I decided to do one that would cover it all. Hope you enjoy...

The Wide World of Sports

Isn't it amazing how much money these sports "stars" make? They make more than most people make in a lifetime, all in one year. More than police officers, teachers, firefighters, rescue workers, hell most lottery ticket winners.
So, the question is, do these people offer enough to be paid that much? They provide entertainment, state spirit, something else besides church on Sunday, some really nice memorabilia... I personally think that they do in fact provide, just like many other forms of entertainment, a necessary vacation from reality, in a sometimes very stressful world.
But, I don't think that this entails them to millions of dollars a year. Sure, they could be injured seriously, but so could many of the people I listed above.
Your mission, should you choose to accept, is simple. Stop buying all that sports crap(helmets, jerseys, cards, season tickets), once in a while, put a pin in the balloon of their ego's. Teach them that sports were not invented to make millionaires.
Show the country the value of the people who save us, help us, and rescue us is higher. Come on people, it's just a game.

April 9, 2008

Added to the Blog

Hello to all my Readers. I recently added a few widgets to make my blog a bit more like the inside of my mind. I added that nifty little scrolling message up top, added pong(it's a classic, a game from my childhood) and a fun little optical illusion game(another thing I enjoy a lot); both games are at the bottom of my page. I've also allowed everyone the chance to see when their favorite movies will be coming out on DVD and, finally, I added a anti-bully badge to my site(I was bullied a a lot as a child, we've got to put an end to this). Hopefully you all like the new additions to the blog. If not, feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me from my profile, let me know if it's too much. Thank you, Dearest Readers, Goodnight...

April 8, 2008

Buddha, Nirvana in 10 Easy Steps...

Today is the birthday of Buddha, the round bellied god of Buddhism. Everyone has seen the familiar figure, he's everywhere. And, everyone knows the belief about rubbing his belly for good luck. But, how many people know that "The Buddha", as he's recognized now, worldwide, was never meant to be worshipped. He was not a god, but a simple man. His teaching span across the world, but he never intended any of us to worship him. He was a teacher, and like most teachers he wanted us to learn from him. What was he teaching us? To reach an inner calm and higher form of life called "Nirvana". Somewhere along the line he went from teacher to a worshipped god. How would he feel about that? My guess is, he'd be at least a little bothered by all the attention, especially the merchandise sold in his "honor". Buddha's teaching's were meant to simplify and center us as human being, they were never meant to become the material, buy a book and you'll reach nirvana, levels they've reached today. Nirvana was not meant to be an accomplishment achieved in just a couple simple lessons, it was a lifetime, sometimes more than one lifetime, goal. Today, Buddhists worldwide celebrate his birthday, but has his message been lost in time?

April 6, 2008

The Passing of a Legend

Charlton Heston passed away Saturday, January 5th, 2008. A well known giant of an actor, Heston is well known for leading roles in Ben-Hur(for which he won a 1959 Best Actor Oscar) , Moses, and Planet of the Apes.
Family spokesman Bill Powers declined to comment on the cause of death, but Heston revealed in 2002 that he was suffering symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease.
Heston has been around since the movie epics of the 50's and 60's and will be sorely missed, he was an icon, an inspiration for many actors and actresses. I remember him most from the Planet of the Apes, his well known line "Those damn dirty apes".
It was reported that he died with his wife of 64 years by his side. Though a sad occurrence, Heston lived a very fulfilling life. Heston is best remembered by those who knew him as a wonderful man.
I would like us all to take a moment to think of Heston, his wife and his two children. This is a heavy weight on their hearts, our mourning cannot compare to theirs.
Though his work with the NRA, Republican Party, and other forms of activism loomed so high they cast a shadow on his acting work, let us not forget, he was as actor that represented a generation now passing into the horizon.
Heston will surely be missed.

Waiter, Reality Check Please

These reality television shows are always fun to watch. These companies who come up the ideas are constantly looking for a new spin.
It all started out with "The Real World", MTV's show about the lives and adventures of a selected group of young adults. Of course, a lot of what went on was grasps at the straw, whose name is fame.
Than came the whole Survivor series(I'm still waiting for the Survivor Downtown Los Angeles), which took the same general idea but gave it an edge. The problem with that one is obvious of course, a television show isn't going to really let any of the survivors become the dead. Reality television can only be so realistic, right?
The thing that really gets me about these shows is one simple fact, we love to watch other people suffer and humiliate themselves. Let's face it, nobody watches these kinds of shows to see a hero emerge. People watch these shows to see the failure, the losers, the person with a few screws loose.
Now we've come into an era where reality television has stepped into the "talent show" field. You've got Dance Wars, American Idol and a whole rack full of others. The point of these shows being to make a star. The one problem with that is that most of these "stars" end up sounding almost identical to each other. They all have to have a near perfect pitch to their voice or they don't even make it through the first audition. Funny enough, people like Mick Jagger, John Lennon, etc. wouldn't have made the cut. No, these are shows looking to create the next Britney Spears, Christina, or Justin Timberlake.
Now your saying, "No, what about the nerdy people they let on, the people with problems, the people labeled losers that have won". The companies that come up with these shows aren't dumb, they know that's what your looking for. Throw out a few "real" people and the audience will keep watching, we can still make our money off of the "beautiful" ones.
The point of all this is very simple, reality television is a scripted reality. It's impossible to put people in front of a camera and truly expect them to act natural. Next time your watching one of these shows, look close at who on the show gets the most coverage. I can almost guarantee every time it'll be the person who is causing the most controversy at any given moment.
Reality television isn't meant to be what it claims to be, it's just supposed to be entertaining to the masses.