April 23, 2008

Lier's and Cheats

Why do we lie? There are as many answers for that as there are ways of lying. But, I think you have 3 basic reasons for lying:
  1. To avoid pain, or punishment.
  2. Your keeping a secret, which is either embarrassing or risk danger to you or someone else if you tell it.
  3. In an attempt to make yourself look better; smarter, wealthier, etc.

Of course, you always have the people who can't help but lie; a "compulsive lier". But, how often do people lie about that in order to avoid punishment?

The world, with the advent Internet especially, seems to now be full of almost nothing but lier's. Online you can lie about your age, sex, weight, height, etc. Yet, this is a problem that people have both suffered and indulged for thousands of years. Think about make-up, an invention traced back to Ancient Egypt, made specifically to fool others about your appearance. Sure, we take it pretty lightly in this day and age with millions of dollars being spent on make-up, push up bra's, tummy tucking underwear, plastic surgery, and on the list goes without end.

I've always wondered about this need of ours to lie, even to impress those around us, as to why we feel the need to constantly create a false image of things. For example; Shouldn't the person whom you fall in love with, and vice versa, be in love with you. Not a false image of you, but you, with all your quirks, blemishes, scars, etc. Lying is not new, the reasons haven't changed and almost everyone has done it at least once. But, the question remains, why can't we stop the lying? Do we need it like a drug?

Ask yourself next time you tell a lie, even a "little white" lie, why am I doing this? What is the point? I think you'll find that a lot of the lies you tell serve no purpose, other than it's almost like a subconscious habit.

April 22, 2008

Ahhh... Isn't he cute?

Why do we dress up our pets like people? It may sound like a very basic and weird question, but I think it's a legitimate one. What is the human obsession with making every other animal just like us? There are people who dress their pets up for Halloween, Christmas, heck I'm sure there have been a few Hanukkah poodles. So, why do we do it? I personally think that, for alot of people, it's kind of like having a child or doll. It is a subconscious way to have children without having an actual child, or for those who have children, a way of making your pet wear the outfits you can't get your kids to wear. I think it's a half fetish, half power thing. But, my wife and I have dressed up our dogs, so I'm guilty as charged too. I've done it more for the funny effect, unlike the people who take it very seriously, because I'm an a-hole who likes to make fun of my own animals. So, is it normal that we do this to our pets? I say, absolutely not, but it is funny to see the pets that people do it too. Plus, the pets usually don't care. Just watch yourself, if you do it, because if(now I'm going to go all Dr.Phil) there may be underlining issues you need to face in yourself.

April 21, 2008

I'm back, everyone please take a seat...

Sorry for the absence, I had some business in the real world. So, how is everyone? I ask that of course hoping you'll send me a response. Any who, the world is a busy place isn't it. All of us running around like ants.
I think tonight I will cover a subject that has always intrigued me, psychics. I personally don't believe in half of them, the other half I'd be willing to give a chance. It's hard to trust anyone anymore, and too many of them are vague about what they "see".
This is a profession thousands of years old, under different names, but always the same idea. A person/persons, that can see in to the future, read your mind, interpret your dreams, etc. Or a combination of the above.
My favorite thus far is Sylvia Brown, an interesting woman. She provides alot of detail, is rarely vague, and has, in fact, helped quite a few police investigations. I myself have practiced this art, and find it quite draining.
But, as I said in the beginning, I'll look into about half and feel like the other half are scams. I urge you though to look into this subject, whether your a believer or not, it's an interesting subject that spans many generations. It's become just as Americanized as Taco Bell recently, but the history on it is very intriguing.