May 30, 2008


Hello all my readers, I've returned. Sorry about the hiatus, my son Gabriel was born 2 weeks ago yesterday, May 16th. Mom and I have been busy bee's taking care of our 4 children, and I haven't had a lot of typing time. But, lets get right into it. Topics, topics, topics...

I haven't really covered the whole Gay and Lesbian topic yet, so here we go. I promise to make this straight(no pun intended) and to the point, snap, boom, zang.

Why is it that the U.S. government is in the process of trying to remove religion completely from everything to do with themselves, yet the archaic law against gay marriage still holds ground? Sure you have people talking about the ban being removed in San Fransisco, California, but how can any law exist in any state against it in the world today? First, and foremost, the whole idea of banning gay marriage in the first place because of Christian values makes no sense at all. No where in the bible does it say anything about gay and lesbian marriage being wrong. Secondly, if your one of those zealot Christians, should this law exist at all if the government and religion aren't supposed to co-mengel. This whole issue, along with quite a few others, makes absolutely no sense. Does it really matter to anyone, deep down, who's married to whom and who's in love with whom. Mind your own darn business, come on now. For all the anti-gay marriage people out there(religious minded or not), do I get to tell you who to date, marry, fall in love with, etc. No, if I did that you'd tell me to scram(to put it nicely, very nicely).

So, How about instead of worrying about the ***private***lives of other people, how about we start looking at issues that really do need some attention. I'm sure we can all think of a lot of other issues that are being ignored, there's a world full of them.

To sum it all up, gay, lesbian, straight, tall, short, midget, tattooed people have just as much right as anyone else in this world to make their own choices as far as whom they want to say I love you to, kiss, have kids with, run away and elope in Vegas with... But, if we're ever going to equalize everyone, we've gotta stop segregating ourselves by setting aside special times of the year for everyone. If we're all equal, than let's all be equal.