March 21, 2009

The Answer

I've finally figured out a solution to a major American problem. You see we have a male cat that up until two weeks ago was UN-neutered because he was too young. Well up until now he wasn't particularly human friendly. I mean he was all for us petting him when he was in the mood, but would nip at you or claw you at any given moment. He was fairly anti-social and kind of kept to himself most of the time. Well, we got him neutered and now he is the friendliest cat you could ever imagine. He can't get enough human affection and attention and he never claws or nips anymore.
So, what if instead of incarcerating violent criminals we just neutered them? It's the perfect answer to our prison over population problems and you can help them become upstanding citizens. You cut off their balls and maybe, just maybe, they'll become more affectionate and people friendly too.
Just a thought, no reason to listen to little ol me, just a thought.

March 20, 2009

Come on now...

My wife and I were recently discussing the anti-discrimination laws that employers are supposed to abide by law. And we both came to the same conclusion, they're useless.

The law completely relies on an employer either being outrageously stupid or extremely honest. An employer doesn't really have to give you any reason for not hiring you. Heck, half the time they don't even bother to call you back.

But, even if an employer doesn't hire you because your Christian, Muslim, overweight, too skinny, black, white, Asian, and so on and so forth, it's not like they're going to tell you that's why they didn't hire you.

They'll say something along the lines of "We already filled the position" or "Your qualification don't match our needs". Most aren't stupid enough to tell you they just don't like the fact that your one of the above mentioned.

So, why do these laws exist ? There is no real obligation to follow them. Plenty of people are hired and fired everyday for the reasons this law is supposed to protect against.

They just don't say it to your face.

March 19, 2009

Cheerleaders, Jocks, and Atheists.

Does high school ever really end ?

It's supposed to end when you leave the hallowed halls of stone and graffitied books behind.

But, you discover soon after that the high schools days aren't "over", that the "real" world is high schools identical twin.

It's still one big popularity contest with set "groups" of people, everything has a lot to do with who you know, and you'll still end up at home alone on a Saturday night if you're not "cool" enough.

People still brag about their fancy cars and their "bangin" stereos, and now that muscles a-hole who used to beat the crap out of you everyday at lunch is now your supervisor.

Of course now bullying is called assault and those dirty jokes you and your friends used to laugh about can make you end up in court for sexual harassment.

The point is, high school doesn't really end, it just gets bigger and meaner.

Instead of graffitied books and desks, it's the side of a building or a grocery store bathroom, instead of being called jocks and cheerleaders they're C.E.O.'s and nightmare managers.

So, what does this say about our "American" culture ?

On the bright side of all of this at least you can now say the pledge of allegiance or pray(out loud) whenever you feel like it. Just be sure you're not on government property or within ear shot of an atheist, Muslim, Buddhist, or bill of rights "thumper", these people are very sue happy nowadays.