July 29, 2008

Wow, that's really a pretty dress Bob...

How many of us get a smile on our faces picturing a "manly-man" wearing a dress ?

I would guess that millions of people would find the idea of this just plain hilarious.

So, why is it okay for a woman to wear a man's suit ? Nobody really bawks at the idea of that, or even gives it a second thought.

In general, there are quite a few things that a woman can do, that a man wouldn't get caught dead doing. It's considered alternative for a man to wear nail polish, get his eye-brows waxed, shave his legs, etc. But, it's perfectly okay for a woman to have male characteristics. In fact, it's smiled upon as women taking their place in a "man's world".

How many things can any of you think of that are "just for men" in this day n' age ? I would guess, and I'm just guessing here, that there aren't too many things you can think of.

Almost everything once associated purely with the male gender, are now considered for the most part uni-sex.

Why is it so funny to see Bob in his pretty dress, but Gina looks great in her suit ?

I myself get a smirk on my face at the idea of a man wearing a dress, but I myself, don't understand why this is such a funny idea.

My fiancee has borrowed my deodorant without a second thought, has a few ties of her own, has worn men's shoes because she found some to be more comfortable, and wouldn't think twice about wearing a suit and tie. But, if I walked out of our bedroom wearing one of her dresses, with a nice pair of high-heels on, and smelling like flowers, I don't think she's let me leave the house.

I want to, yet again, hear from all of you on this; how you feel about it, why you think it's okay for a man to wear a dress, and why it's not, etc. Anything you have to say on the subject, I want to hear your opinion on the matter.