April 22, 2009

That Darn Evil Cows Milk

I know you probably looked at the title of this post and thought 'What the heck kind of title is that?'. But, this title is appropriate for how I feel about cows milk, as I am allergic to it. I've even tried the lactose intolerant form of milk and end up with the same symptoms as if I'd had a drink of regular milk. According to my doctor that is because lactose free milk still contains a trace of lactose that can cause problems for people with a strong enough allergy to the stuff.
Having been allergic to milk since I was around 10 or 11 years old I don't really remember enough about what it tastes like for it to affect me terribly. Yet, I'm still bad about eating cheese and ice cream, which affect me sometimes more than straight milk. I suffered through the side effects for quite a few years because I love the taste of ice cream and I love a good cheese sandwich. Over the past few years though our local grocery stores(King Soopers is an especially good place for me) have started carrying soy and dairy free ice creams. I know there were places you could find dairy free "dairy products" for a while now, but you had to go to a specialty store. And to be honest quite a few soy products are still pretty pricey compared to their dairy counter-parts because they're classified a "health food". And lets face it anything truly healthy is going to cost a bit more out of pocket(health officials wonder why we all cram down junk food, maybe because these high ranking officials have high ranking wages and don't think too much about the price of "healthy food").
Recently though I found an ice cream at my local King Soopers that sells dairy free ice cream called Purely Decadent(You can find their website HERE). They have tons of dairy free ice cream flavors to choose from. Which of course for us dairy free people is a huge leap. The choices in flavors have been limited to the basics(Vanilla and Chocolate) for a while now and it's nice to see a company that realizes even dairy free people have taste buds.
So, if your lactose intolerant or can't have dairy for any other reason check them out.
I better be going though, I'm sitting here and I want to eat the newest flavor I just got which just happens to be one of my favorite flavors, Cookie Dough.