July 30, 2008

White Trash

What is so wrong with being, what is commonly referred to as, "White Trash"?
By all standards I would be considered "white trash", because my family has a very low income, lives pay check to pay check, shops at thrift stores, and use government assistance programs to get by. That doesn't make me or my family "bad people", but for some reason we're viewed as being weak minded, un-educated, almost worth nothing, peons...
That's never made sense to me, I've lived my whole life in this situation or something close to it.
But, I'm just as smart as anybody with loads of money and I know my way around opera, well written literature, I know how to dress nicely, and I take care of my family.
Being poor doesn't make me weak minded or "trash", so why does the world view the poor in this way? I'm a firm believer in the "everyone is equal" way of thinking, and I don't understand how a society that's supposed to be clear of a hierarchy, has in a weird sort of way, created one composed of upper class, middle class, and lower class.
Any who, that's all for tonight, just wanted to throw this out there. It's something I've never really understood, it's existence only makes some people feel high and might, while others feel worthless and small.