July 31, 2008

Is that a fig leaf in your pocket ?

I know this is probably going to make a lot of you think I have a few screws loose and a bag full of extra nuts and bolts. But, I had this thought pop into my head at random and now I must share it. Has anyone ever really thought in detail about the story of Adam and Eve, our biblical first couple? In every painting I think I’ve ever seen, you see their privates covered by a fig leaf, never for the entire world to see (even though no shame of nudity was supposed to have existed). But the point I’d like to make here is the very idea that Adam and Eve would even have genitals. They wouldn’t have needed genitals because with the fruit of everlasting life, they would live forever. No point in reproduction if there is any need to create future generations. To put it bluntly, no need for reproduction if you don’t need to make more of your species. Everyone knows that the whole point behind fornication (sex) is to reproduce. The survival of your species depends on it. And they wouldn’t have needed their genitals for pleasurable purposes, because biblically, that would be a sin. So, maybe there wasn’t anything to hide beneath those fig leaves. And continuing on with this thought; we were provided our reproductive organs once we were banished from paradise because, no more eternal life= need to produce children. And I even took this a step further. Maybe it’s just really weird of me to think. But, if you look at a woman’s genitals, it has a close resemblance to an open wound. And women do bleed for 7 days (sometimes longer). A man’s genitals look like a sword. So symbolically speaking, the woman’s genitals could be perceived as the open wound that is continually stabbed with the male genitals. Maybe it is symbolic of Adam’s long running revenge for Eve’s enticement, one that ultimately caused them to fall from Paradise.