November 28, 2013

Inspiration ?

Inspiration. This single thing, in many forms, drives us as human beings.
But, what is it exactly that drives inspiration in the modern world ?
There are so many different ideas, via words, pictures, songs...
Is that the source of the majority of modern inspiration ? Is it other
people that inspire more people, who inspire others ? Like a worldwide
pyramid scheme, aren't most of us leapfrogging off of others.
And, on the flip side of that, is there anything truly "original" left ?
That, of course, broadens out into how we think,  act, even feel.
How much of our lives are we living either purposely, or on accident,
a certain way because we're constantly,  consciously and unconsciously,
picking up on the things, and people, around us ?
Just some thought of mine(or are they?)
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to look up a little research on this very topic in Mirror Nuerons.