November 19, 2010

Skip the Bulls*&t


Have you ever really examined what makes you happy? How about sitting down and writing a list on a notepad, on your computer, heck even on your I-Pod? Come on, get to work, stay on task here people Smile

Now cross off all the crap you wrote down hoping to impress anyone who might come across your list or anything you wrote hoping that if someone did read your list they wouldn’t think you’re greedy or weird, example; the love of my parents, a roof over my head, food in my stomach. In other words, all the “given” things that make us all “happy”. This is not an acceptance speech for when you win “Mr. Universe” or “Mrs. America”.

Okay, now that we’re getting closer to how we really feel how about writing down a color that makes you happy, a movie, a song, something someone in your life does, etc.

After you’ve taken the time to write down these things really examine them and why you wrote them down. Did you write the color blue because it’s “always” been your favorite color or did you write it down because the color blue really does make you happy, like right now? Do this with everything on your list, try to discover if it’s something that really makes you happy or is just on your list out of routine.

Alrighty, now be prepared to really surprise yourself with some of your choices and don’t finish writing your list. Continue to ad to it or cross things out a day at a time, see what stays and what is only temporary. It’s amazing how much you’ll discover about the things that really make you happy as opposed to things that just make you temporarily happy.

Enjoy and don’t forget to have a GREAT DAY. You deserve it and it’s free of charge, from me to you.