July 28, 2008

I don't know, what do you want ?

My fiancee and I have this re-occurring problem with trying to decide what to eat. And, it's not just dinner or lunch, it's lunch, dinner, breakfast, heck even snacking in-between. We can never seem to decide what to eat.

It even comes down to the point sometimes where we end up having to ask our daughter what she wants, or having to call my mother for her suggestions. It's that bad.

We just can't seem to decide on one thing that really sounds good. Fast food, well we're burnt out on all the fast food joints. Restaurant, we've got four kids and taking a trip inside to eat can become quite a task. How about what we've got here at home? Nope we're hungry now and everything we've got takes forever to cook. So, usually we end up at the grocery store searching for stuff that's quick and easy, but sounds good.

I think it's a kind of epidemic that is faces by most Americans in this day n' age. The in-ability to make up our minds on anything, at least in a somewhat timely manner. And, it's probably because we have too many darn things to choose from.

You can get food from any country, just about anytime of the day, at just about the same prices, and that's just one choice on the list involved in what you want to eat.

Next comes the most important one, what do I want from that type of cooking choice.

Than you move on to the next step, do we both want that type of food for dinner ?

Will our daughter eat that? Is that really what we want? what about that new place on 6th? Do we have the money for that place? You know I really don't want that now that I think about it, but how about this ?

And on and on the list goes, until you're exhausted from trying to decide, your stomach hurts because it just wants sustenance, and you feel like screaming because this should be such a simple choice.

But hey, maybe this is just us, maybe we're just extremely in-decisive and need to seek therapy. I don't think that's the truth though, I think whether it's these choices or a zillion other choices, once again, us Americans have to darn many.

We, unless on the brink of starvation(and even than this problem still persists sometimes), can't just eat whatever because we're hungry, we're too flipping picky.

If you are suffering from this problem, I can't help you, I don't have any list's of suggestions for this one. We're in too tight a bind ourselves making this decision too offer any sage advice on what to do.

Well, I'm off now, to a far away place, a place that hopefully has something that sounds good to eat and fills our stomachs.