July 27, 2008

Superstitions Contest

Superstitions, both an integral part of society and a danger to the people around us. They have been around since the beginning of man, and many of those original superstitions still exist in updated form. My fiancee and I buried a mirror this last Friday because she knocked over a large mirror in our home and it shattered on impact. Everyone know the old superstition about breaking mirrors and 7 years of bad luck, if not you can check out an explanation HERE. She immediately hopped online and found a site that stated, plain and simple, she had to bury the mirror to counter-act the bad luck associated with it breaking.

I myself am a fairly religious person, and have a very strict superstition about wearing any kind of hat in a church. I figure that if I have to take off my hat for the American flag, I can at least do the same when in a place of God.

I got in trouble with my fiancee because I called her silly when she said we had to bury the mirror, and after looking at my own superstitions, I understood her frustration with me.

I ended up with shovel in hand, in the backyard, helping her dig the hole.

This got me to thinking about people and superstitions, so that's what I want to explore with you readers. What kind of superstitions do you believe in ? Do you swerve out of the path of a black cat ? Do you pray for your life when you walk underneath a ladder ? I want to hear your superstitions. Come on people, lets get some good ones going here. We'll even make it a contest, a contest for the best submitted superstition. I'll work on the prize and you work on typing up your oddest superstition. E-mail them to me at jnsmith83@gmail.com, and you may find yourself with a Joseph's World prize.
The Contest will run from July 27, 2008 to August 3, 2008...