December 30, 2012

The Best Books

The best book, at least for me, are those that really draw you into the story. They make you care about the

characters, after they've made you believe the characters could, or have, existed.

Even if they are wizards, time travelers, dragons, three-headed aliens, dogs, or even time traveling wizards,

who fly on dragons, battling three-headed, alien dogs, you believe that they are real. Somehow, and

somewhere, they are more than just words on a page.

Every reader out there has read a book, at least once, that made them laugh out loud, cry, close the book

in frustration(just before opening it again a few minutes later), and every reader has been changed, in some

way, by a book they've read.

I don't care if you read romance, fantasy, horror, "classic" literature, or you're still jiving to Dr. Seuss. There

has been at least one moment, during that reading, that you've felt some small spark of emotion.

Many of us can even come to love books. I know that my wife and I have a hard time

going into a thrift store without leaving with at least a half a dozen books.

And, it is that same love of books that makes us cringe when we even imagine burning books.

But, enough of that talk. It makes me cringe to put those two words together.

So, what is your favorite book? Can you name just one? I know I can't.

I'm willing to take a swing at giving you my top three. And, if there are any of the three you haven't read,

I urge you to find the time to do so. And, no cheating here. If you've seen the movie, I'm sure you know

the outline. But, once again, I urge you to read the book instead. Otherwise, you have no idea

what you're missing out on.

Alright, let's get this thing started...
Now, in no way is this list comprehensive. I would honestly need an entire separate blog to dedicate to my

love of books, another for the authors, and a few others for characters I've loved, places I would visit,

and villain's that make me truly cringe. 

You can find my book list on Shelfari HERE though, if you would like a glimpse inside my 

book obsession.

And, as I always try to leave you, my readers with a mission. I encourage you to make a list of your own, 

whether that be on Shelfari or in a notepad. It's a great way to look back at the books you've read, and 

find a book, or a hundred, that you'd love to read again or suggest to a friend.