April 16, 2008

And now, for Something Completely Different

I love that line, it's from Monty Python, great show and hilarious movies. So, that's what we'll talk about today, what makes something funny. It varies from person to person, sex to sex, even race to race.
But, why do us laugh easier than others? I think there are a lot of factors that play into this. Things like the way you were raised, the people you're around, and, in general, just what kind of person you are. If your parents were very strict and uptight, you're probably going to pick up some of that. Are you friends with a very serious, intellectual crowd? The laughter will be a bit restricted. And, if your just an introverted person, serious person, strict, or any combination of these, the laughter might not peel out of you.
Yet, there is nothing wrong with you even if you do fit any of these molds. You're who you are, and that's just fine as long as you're not hurting anyone. Maybe you laugh at things when you're alone, have your own brand of humor, or just didn't find a certain joke very funny. And, the thing is, if a joke is racial or sexist, you're not going to find it funny if your race or sex is the target. That's completely understandable, I wouldn't laugh at a joke that offended me.
Think about it, as you sit in a restaurant, walk down the street, or even at work. Listen to the conversations around you, listen to the jokes and what people laugh at. Don't be a snoop, but pay attention. It's very interesting to listen to the variety of humor out there.
In conclusion, it's either funny to you or it isn't. There's nothing wrong with you if some jokes just don't catch your fancy. And, take care when telling a joke or laughing at one, if it's sexist or racial, you're walking a thin line. People can easily become offended and you can help someone offensive think that it's OK to be.
Until we next meet, Readers of mine, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night....

My newest Blog, for all you Artistic People

I recently started a new blog called, "Draw Stuff Now". It basically a free drawing course for anyone who wants to learn or pick up some tips. I'm starting out with the very basic stuff, to help everyone get a start. You can check it out if you follow the link I have listed to the left under "Draw Stuff Now" or you can check it out at http://drawstuffnow.blogspot.com. I just wanted to let everyone know, so you'd all get a chance to check it out.

April 14, 2008

Memory, who has it, who doesn't ?

Memory, it's an interesting facet of life. Some of us have tons of it , some of us have none. It can be our greatest help or our arch nemesis. The question is, why do some of us have a better memory than others? Of course, you can factor in things like genetics, interest, and how we were raised and taught.
But, I think one of the biggest factors in memory is a simple one, do we want to remember? That factor can have a lot to do with the interest factor, but what about the things we have to learn, not necessarily want to learn. Those fall into the above factor, what we want to keep in our memory.
In this fast paced world we live in, it can be very difficult to remember things. We "multi-task" so much, it's no wander we've lost some of our memory retention. Yet, we still remember some things over others, why, because we want to remember them.
Go back into your childhood, I know it gets harder and harder, and reflect on what we all heard constantly, "He/she has selective hearing" or "It's okay, she/he just has selective listening". That very factor of childhood has now become a very common thing in adults. I would imagine a lot of this factor is what doctors refer to as A.D.D.(Attention Deficit Disorder). We can't pay attention to one thing for too long, to sum it up.
To tie it all together, we often remember what we want to remember, we're told that it's important to remember specific things, but we are expected to "multi-task", which puts a bullet in increasing our memory. And, of course, doctors are constantly trying to cure A.D.D., but when we get older it's almost expected of us to develop it again, once more, so we can "multi-task" more effectively.
It all makes about as much sense as training your dog to sit, than beating it with a newspaper when it sits.
That's all for now, so to all my readers out there(old and new), until next time...

April 13, 2008

Marker to Patience

I've decided to do a little step by step instruction for you all tonight, we'll start out small, 5 simple steps. 5 simple steps to what, you ask, patience friends, patience. We all have so little of it nowadays, yet it still a virtue. We are taught growing up that patience is a good thing to have, but as we learn by experience, patience is bad. Hurry up and do this, hurry up and get there, you've just got to have this now...
So, here are my 5 steps to Patience:

Step 1: Slow down, don't read ahead, stare at step one for a few seconds.
Step 2: Relax, take a deep breath, pay attention to the world around you(what do you smell, hear, taste, feel?).
Step 3: If you're out and about, go somewhere that's busy and you know you'll have to wait.
Step 4: Instead of getting upset and trying to find a way to hurry things up, just wait. Waiting in a line, at a gas station, at the DMV, etc is a good way to practice patience. Sometimes it's good to have to wait.
Step 5: Take some time away sometimes(even if it's the nearest closet) and just sit and don't think about everything so much( I know this part is hard, but just let your thoughts flow through you, instead of letting them get caught in the web of now).

I hope these help you, fellow traveler of the world, as they have helped me. Till next time...