July 19, 2008

The Other Side of the Scale...

I'm a fairly skinny person, just recently weighing in at around 111 lbs. I know, most of you are going "WHAT?", but that's been about the norm for me. I've always been a skinny person, and probably always will be unless I really work at it. The most I've ever been able to get up to is around 125, and that's when my fiancee was pregnant and I was gaining sympathy weight.

And, I know a lot of you are saying "What's your secret? Tell me how", all I've got to say to that is "METABOLISM". I get that being over weight sucks, I know plenty of people who have dealt with it, but being skinny like I am is just as hard. I found an online calorie calculator recently and found out I'd have to take in around 3,600 calories a day to gain weight. To put it in perspective I have to eat what most people eat on Thanksgiving every day.

So, I've decided to do this post for all the other people out there who are tired of being skinny. I'm not trying to help make you a body builder or anything like that, just trying to help others like me feel somewhat normal about themselves. Being as skinny as I am is hard on my self esteem, and I know it must be on others who have the same problem.

To get on with the show, here is a small list of foods that will help you in your fight against being under weight:

  • White Bread

  • Pasta

  • Avocado

  • Beans

  • Cheese and Whole Milk

  • Salad Dressing

  • Peanut Butter

The key to using these things, and others, to gain weight is maximizing the things you eat by adding, adding, adding:

  • Instead of water, use milk in you oatmeal and soups.

  • Add an avocado to your sandwich, or salad dressing(even fat free dressings add calories).

  • Casseroles are a great weight gainer; mix those meats, pasta, beans and cheese.

  • Use you left-overs as snack time foods.

Remember, you can't gain weight sticking to the "3-square meals" model, you've got to add some substantial snacking to your plan. And, another thing, gain weight in a healthy way, don't add a bunch of fast food to your diet, even if you're skinny "bad fat" is still "bad fat" and can still put you at risk for heart problems.

I'll be continuing my fight to gain weight series in further posts, I'm not done yet. Keep reading for more tips, and if you want to know more now, I've added some links below that will give you some more info on the subject. Thank you for reading Joseph's World and have a great afternoon.

*If you want to read more tips from a great site HERE's the one I found a lot of my answers.

*I know the website is called "Free dieting: the weight loss guide", you can find a great calorie calculator for both men and women HERE

*And, if your okay with PDF reading, here's a great PDF file you can either view online or download, with more great healthy ways to gain weight click HERE

*I don't claim any ownership or copyright ownership on any of the above links or any material they contain, information on their site belongs to their site. And, I am not a doctor, nor do I have a doctorate in medicine or a degree in nutrition.