July 20, 2008

One little drop in the ocean....

To the Internet that's what us blogger's are, a tiny drop. So, what happens when blogger's cause a wave. It's already being proven that people are starting to trust blogs more for their information than their own news channels. Why is that?

I think it's fairly simple, one people are tired of hearing the same thing night after night(shooting here, hit and run there, oh and it's going to be a crazy presidential election), and two, because people don't trust the news stations anymore. They only show so much of what's really going on, and I understand that, you can only cover so much news without being on 24 hours.

But, blogger's have the advantage here, we're everywhere. All across the world there are blogger's typing up posts on everything from how to cook a chicken to wars going on in places most of us have never heard of. A lot of us are bringing light to issues that most didn't know existed, and helping us cope with the things that strike us right where we live.

Us, the blogger's, are out-sourcing not only news stations, but newspapers and magazines too. And, we will continue to as time drawls on, because we have an edge over those organization's. We can cover every topic that people want to hear about and give them options as far as which topic they want to hear that hour or day, we give them multiple sources for that information, and we can give them first hand experience.

We are not perfect reporters either though, we are opinionated(can be a good or bad thing), some of us are rude and crude, and some of us are only copyright cases waiting to happen. We must all decide as blogger's to be either hero or villain, but we must also decide whether we're going to take this seriously or take the easy route.

Blogger's are the future of the information "super highway", we are the journalist's, editors, writers, poets, news anchors, and artists of the new age.