June 8, 2008

It's made for me and you...

I hate to sound like a salesman, but i have found something that may help just about anyone tremendously.
The Wii Fit is an amazing little bit of technology, and for alot less than you'll spend on gym memberships or exercise equipment, you can have fun and get a great workout for around $320.00 dollars(around 250 for the Wii and 90 for the Fit, you can always get on sites like Craigslist.com and find the Wii a bit cheaper).
My wife and I just purchased one three days ago, and it's been a great time since we got it. Everything from snowboarding(you'll earn this one with your fit points) to yoga, the Wii Fit has it all. It also gives you your weight and B.M.I.( Body Mass Index ), and tell how balanced you are (and we're not talking mentally here, so don't set your spirits too high). Helping to improve you're balance, it also helps you reach a healthy B.M.I. and weight through directed training.
Finally, you even get your own personal fitness instructor who helps you through the exercises and you can go totally physical and challenge your fitness instructor in strength training.
Once again, I highly suggest the Wii Fit for everyone, and the Wii, for great family fun and an awesome workout. Even if you don't consider yourself a physical person, both can help you get more active and burn off all those McD burgers without having to eat a bunch of crap Jenny G meals or drive(especially with soaring gas prices) out to a gym everyday.