June 11, 2008

Wedding News...

I wanted to wait until it got a little closer to announce it, but I'll soon be the proud husband to my fiancee of almost three years. August 9th is the date, it's getting closer and closer, I can't wait. There's always so much planning to do, as far as weddings go, but isn't it all worth it to spend the rest of your life with the one person who means the world to you.
I know I haven't always been the most romantic guy, or the greates listener, I know how unbelievably lucky I am to have found the woman who loves me just as much as I love her, the woman who really understand me, the woman whose eyes blow me away.
To all you married or engaged couples out there, I send out my blessings and hope you send the same back to me. It's worth everything you put in to it, just remember just because it's not always easy, I think it's the thing most worth it.