June 6, 2008

And now for an important message...

Custom homes, huge, they all look the same, custom homes. They are popping up all over the place here in Colorful Colorado, as I'm sure they are in many other places.
People can't afford to pay their mortgages, gas prices are soaring, bankruptcy abounds and we're all trying to save the Earth by "Going Green". Yet, we need to build more over-priced homes.
Excuse me, maybe I'm being silly, but this isn't quite adding up in my head. We complain about gas prices but we're going to be able to afford a $400,000 dollar house, we need to go green to save the Earth but we need to cut down more trees for homes we don't need, bankruptcy and unpaid mortgages are in every ones futures but we need to build big expensive houses that will only cause more.
Huh, nope the math isn't adding up here.
My point is, well I hope I don't have to explain it too much, that we're in a National recession(pretty close to Depression era recession), we're all broke as could be, people are filing bankruptcy and mortgages are going unpaid due to company cutbacks on jobs, soaring UN-employment rates(yes that's right, the president is full of crap, the job market is still plummeting), and people can't even afford to fuel up their cars. We don't need more houses, much less expensive houses. We need better paying jobs, jobs that don't require you to speak Spanish(the national language is still English, which sadly is being wiped out), and we need to stop destroying the Earth so we can look at these big, gaudy, over-priced houses.