June 14, 2008

Look around...

Here we are in contemporary America, a country supposedly at the edge of everything from technology to medical care (and a combination of the two). Yet, we have nothing without the hard work and time of other countries. We get our technology from Japan and China( for the most part) and the mass majority of our products are made in places like China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the list continues down to tiny little countries half of us have never heard of.
So, how are we the most developed country ? How are we the place of dreams ?
The answer is quite simple actually, on the backs of other ( supposedly less developed ) countries.
Though slavery ended a long time ago, in the well thought of variety, here in America. We still live in a world of paid slavery. Those people in Taiwan that made your baseball cap or your push-up bra, how much do you think they're making a year ?
That answer is the saddest part of this post, what you make in a month is close to or less than these people make in a year.
Sad isn't it, we have so much to complain about, yet there are so many things going on in the world we'll never see or understand.
While we complain that our cell phone isn't getting a signal or getting upset that the waiter didn't bring the ketchup, there are people dying all over the world for no other reason than the leader of their country would rather have a golden lion statue, than feed his/ her people.
There are millions of people in " third world " countries dying of starvation, A.I.D.S., a bullet, and ignorance.
But, darn it, Liz has a better cell phone than Mary or Frank can't afford a Mercedes, guess he'll have to (ugghhhh) settle for the Porshe.
I know, I know, same thing half of our parent's told us growing up, " Eat your dinner, there are people starving all over the world".
So, if you're so comfortable with it, get on your expensive computer ( I'm guilty as charged ), go to Google.com, click on images, and look up starvation, death, murder, genocide, chemical weapons, and any other thing that goes on in the world around us that disgusts us pampered Americans. Than, after viewing at least a half dozen of these images, decide if your life is so bad.
I'm, as I said above, guilty of this ignorance of the world. But, it's never too late to get a different perspective. And, I'm not asking you to look at these things and read up on these things, give up all your worldly possessions and live the life of a monk or saint. I'm just asking you to inform yourself so that you can understand how lucky you really are, be grateful for the things you have, and stop complaining every time the RedSox don't win the pennant.