July 24, 2008

The Interview

You're sitting across the table from a guy who acne seems to be winning the war, keeps playing with he peach fuzz like that's going to make it grow, and just can't seem to stop tapping his pen against the table. He scribbles down notes as you're talking(let's face it he's doodling, not listening to a word you say), and staring at you like you just stole his lunch money.

Welcome to the twilight zone, better known as a job interview.

"So why should we hire you ? What sets you aside from our other applicants ?", He asks both questions without stopping for a breath, while he picks that pimple that's definitely going to scar. "I don't know, I applied for this job and I'm perfectly capable of performing the duties expected without any problem whatsoever", the answer sits on the tip of your tongue.

Why do they always ask you questions like that ? What ever happened to filling out an application, them interviewing you with questions like "How many hours can you work ?", instead of what getting a job has turned into; filling out an application, making your way through a personality exam, and getting asked questions like "Why do you deserve this job ?".

Let's face it, most companies in this day and age want only a couple of things; for you to be able to speak Spanish, work 60 hours with almost no pay, and for you to be smiling the whole time.

So, why all the ritual torture ?

Than you have one more wonderful thing about getting a job today, the millions of managers that can't seem to tell you they just aren't going to hire you. Instead they say they'll be calling you(which half the time they never do), they've got a few more applicants to interview before they make a decision, etc. Which, in the end, means only one thing, they aren't going to hire you. Just tell me your not going to hire me, don't lead me on just because you don't have the ability to be honest with me and save me the time of waiting for your call.

That's it, sorry, just need to rant sometimes.