July 21, 2008

Once a Firefighter always a Firefighter...

A lot of people, even though we are supposed to be a politically correct society, still can't fathom the idea of the words "Woman" and "Firefighter" in the same sentence.

Why is it that these two words are so hard for many of us to comprehend, even though it's been proven time and time again that women are just as capable in these kinds of positions?

In fact, some studies have shown, because women are often more empathetic, that women are better candidates for these types of careers(Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technicians, etc.).

My fiancee was a volunteer Firefighter for a local Colorado station, and she often found people giving her looks of dis-belief and even scorn when she's wear her uniform. And, not only her but her grandparents, had a very hard time finding "memorabilia"(things like those memorial statues, awards, etc.) that pertained to female Firefighters.

By now, in the world we live in today, it should be a recognized fact that all of us, male and female alike, are capable of anything, it's all a matter of drive and determination.

Why is it that we, human beings, are such talented nit pickers, able to find a reason to sneer at someone for something that half of us wouldn't have the courage to do?

Personally, if I'm drowning, caught in a burning building, choking, having a heart attack, etc, I don't care if it's a man or a woman saving my life. I, again personally, am just happy to know that their are still people out there willing to jump in and save lives.

My fiance's credo on being a Firefighter really helps me believe in the goodness that still exists in some people, "I don't do it for the pay, I do it because I love to help other people". And, for her, this was something that rang true because she was an un-paid volunteer.

Doing something because you want to help others, plain and simple, just isn't something you hear truthfully very often anymore.

I want to hear from you, my readers, on this subject. Whether you agree or dis-agree, I want to hear your opinion on this matter.