March 12, 2008

Who are you ?

How do you truly decide who you are as a person? The common belief is everything from religious beliefs (or lack thereof) to the style in which you dress is part of who you are physically as a person. But how much of this even shows to the world who you really are. There are tens of thousands of "Christians" who believe in the bible, but how many of those people follow "biblical law" to a T. That guy sitting next to on the bus or at the stoplight with his i-pod and high end laptop could be considered by others to be egotistical. But inside he could have the self esteem of a snail. So, do we every really show who we "really are"? Of course the answer to that can be answered very simply, "No". We most commonly act and dress outwardly to give off a specific idea of who we want to be or what group we want to belong to. Think about how many people are in heavy debt and ended up in that position because they had a "wine taste on a beer budget". People trying to keep up with the "Joneses" often end up in this position in a futile attempt to "belong". And, of course, you can go to the extreme of this idea that we pretend to be who we are when you come across serial killers, child molesters, pedophiles, politicians, celebrities, etc; People that act a certain way to purposely hide who they are. There are plenty of accounts of people who have known serial killers and thought they were the "nicest neighbor" or a "great guy". Yet, behind that image they've given the people around them, there beneath the facade is a "monster". The same could be said about gays and lesbians who, for years, hid their sexuality from people close to them to avoid conflict; some even going to the extent of getting married and having children. Think about it next time you're sitting on the bus or in a restaurant look at the person next to you, remember not to get too freaked, and take in the realization that you could be standing next to a serial killer, your long lost father, a child molester or heck, even the next in line to the throne of Transylvania. You never know.