March 14, 2008

Western Karma

For some reason now ,in the past decade or so, Americans have started studying the whole "Eastern Religion" thing in an effort to "cleanse" themselves and find "inner peace". Through classes, meditation, i-ching, etc. we have begun to try to "cleanse" our auras. Maybe it's just me but what right do we have to have "inner peace" or to "cleanse" ourselves. We're the country of that prides ourselves on how well our economy is doing, celebrates material wealth and the country that throws away enough food to feed 3 or 4 third world countries. We are the producers of mass amounts of toxic waster and the biggest contributors to the depletion of the ozone. The list I could come up with would fill up my blog for a year. Yet somehow, in the midst of our "fast food nation" we think that "inner peace" is anywhere near our grasp. I personally think that you'd have to give up everything it is to be American and move to a small monastery in Tibet to achieve even a minimal amount of "inner peace". Or you could just let some obscure scientist erase all of your memories and drop you off in a remote Malaysian island, than you might find a yourself "cleansed". Let's face it, Americans carry way too much baggage for any amount of "inner peace". Self involved and short attention spans aren't qualities suited well for these "Eastern Religions". Either you accept the fact that you're an American and try to better yourself as a human being that way or go with the whole obscure scientist route. Because, I'm sorry, you're not made for inner peace even if you did give up your cheese burger for a garden salad.