March 13, 2008

Religious National Holiday's

I was thinking, while putting together Valentines day cards for my kids and their school sponsored Valentine's party, how no one really thinks about the significance of these holidays that we celebrate every year. Valentines day, for example, is a day meant to memorialize Saint Valentine. But I'm guilty too I guess, I don't know much about Saint Valentine myself. If you're interested in learning along with me about him, send me a comment or e-mail and I'll do some research. The big one that always got me though is the Christmas season. We have millions of people across the U.S., more than half of those people considering themselves "Non-Religious", celebrating a Christian holiday. Why, may I ask, are you celebrating a holiday for something you don't really even believe in. I know we've got Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and other varied religious holidays but if you're handing out presents in your living room on the 25Th of December, I'm sorry, but you're celebrating a religious holiday; The birth of Jesus the Christ. The word Christmas should be enough to point that out; Christ-Mass. So next time you're hanging your wreath, singing Christmas songs, giving and receiving Christmas presents, etc; Don't try to say "Oh no, I'm not religious" because otherwise you're doing one really sick thing. You're using a religious holiday only to get stuff and you need to take down all the decorations and return the presents. Christmas is a religious holiday, no matter how you put it. I don't care if you call it X-mas, it's the same holiday. If I say that was a frickin awesome movie, everyone knows your just using a code word for the alternative cuss word. It all adds up the same, no matter how you put it. I mean come on now people even the jolly old elf himself comes from an old German myth about a Christian Saint, Saint Nicholas. Okay that's it, got it off my chest.