March 10, 2008

Did I hear you correctly ?

I remember growing up that as a parent you had boundaries on certain things. Those included the language you use around your kids, the kinds of things you wear around your kids, what they watched on t.v. or what kinds of books they read. There was a certain pride in being a parent and setting a good example. Now I go see these parent's walking around throwing cuss words left and right, dressing like they never left the teen years behind and listening to the heaviest gangster rap or metal out there. I get that you don't want to "give up" your individuality, but come on. Get it together, these are your children. If you felt like staying a teenager and not growing up than maybe you should have thought about that before you stopped taking that birth control or stopped using those condoms. They are not just your kids, they are the next generation. The ones who will carry on when we're gone. I'm not perfect and I'm not trying to tell you that you should be. I've made the mistake of throwing around cuss words like they're going out of style. That's why I'm trying, as one of the guilty, to get the message out that we're doing harm. That t-shirt that says "I don't ride bitch", that t-shirt that says "Open all night", etc. Those kids are paying attention to what it says and they're going to figure it out. I know that some of you say "What's wrong with that? They're gonna figure it all out anyway", but do you really want to look back and realize you're the one that showed them how to be crude. I guess I'm just trying to slow down the progress of turning our kids into clones of generations that obviously aren't working to well. Look at the world, can you honestly say everything is going great. We've got to start taking some responsibility for that. I'm not asking anyone to take all the blame on their shoulders, I'm just saying you've gotta carry some of the load. None of us are guilt free. We're all in this together, whether the world sucks sometimes or not, so let's at least try to tone down the negative and make it a bit easier.