March 18, 2008

Smokers Inspired

Smoking is a very nasty habit, I should know I've been smoking for 11 years now. And the thing is that I know that it's killing me; slowly but surely it's destroying my heart, lungs, immune system, etc. But for reasons I still don't fully understand, everyday I pick up that pack, take out a cigarette and light up. Every hour on the hour I'm puffing away. I smoke somewhere between a half a pack to a pack a day. Which of course isn't to bad compared to a lot of smokers. What I really want, like many smokers, is to finally be free of that urge, that desire to smoke. So here we go, I want to hear from you, my Dear Readers, what's worked for you and what hasn't. I've seen plenty of infomercials and read plenty of " Quit Smoking" guides. But I want to hear it from the people who have quit and those who, like me, struggle to quit. I don't want a medical chart showing me where it's getting me or a medical site overview of how and why smoking kills. As I said previously, I've seen and read most of that. I want herbal remedies, alternative remedies, a review of some of these stop smoking "aids", etc. I need some inspiration, like those out there who also struggle, and a good over site of what's working. Do you have an Aunt, Uncle, Grandfather, etc. who have dies from the effects of smoking ? I want to hear about it. We're going to spread the inspiration here people. I'll even pick the best story, remedy, idea, etc. and feature it in a weekly post, starting April 1st. I'll post a new one every week. Than I'll put together a "Best of" list for quitting the terrible habit of smoking. Let's get it together, put away the coffin nails and spread the word.