April 12, 2008

Ballet, A Sport Apart

Everyone is always watching football, basketball, tennis, etc and thinking about all the training involved. Things like stamina, speed, skill, strength, and on and on. But, nobody ever thinks about those things when connected with one simple thing, Ballet. When that word comes up, things like tights, cups, tutu's and such come into the mind of most.
Yet, the very skills I listed above, and more, are necessary to have any chance at all in Ballet. Ballet dancers go through years of rough training, injuries and all, just like the sports we think of most.
The thing that really adds to ballet, and sets it apart from these other sports, is the art of Ballet. Not only are these people pushing their body's to extremes, they are also doing so beautifully and artfully.
To sum it all up, Ballet is just as much a sport as any "mainstream" sport in the world today. So, next time your sitting there on your couch, watching the NFL, take the time to realize, 90 percent of those football players would cringe if asked to stand on the tips of their toes.
Try it some time, I would suggest with supervision, and with that one seemingly simple act, you'll get a vague idea of what it takes to be a Ballet dancer.