April 10, 2008

The Wide World of Sports

Isn't it amazing how much money these sports "stars" make? They make more than most people make in a lifetime, all in one year. More than police officers, teachers, firefighters, rescue workers, hell most lottery ticket winners.
So, the question is, do these people offer enough to be paid that much? They provide entertainment, state spirit, something else besides church on Sunday, some really nice memorabilia... I personally think that they do in fact provide, just like many other forms of entertainment, a necessary vacation from reality, in a sometimes very stressful world.
But, I don't think that this entails them to millions of dollars a year. Sure, they could be injured seriously, but so could many of the people I listed above.
Your mission, should you choose to accept, is simple. Stop buying all that sports crap(helmets, jerseys, cards, season tickets), once in a while, put a pin in the balloon of their ego's. Teach them that sports were not invented to make millionaires.
Show the country the value of the people who save us, help us, and rescue us is higher. Come on people, it's just a game.