September 28, 2008

Sex and the Violence

Why is it that almost every movie or television show you see nowadays is full of sex, violence, or both. They've got to throw in some kind of sexual reference, nude scene, blood, gore, or all of the above to get anyone to notice the movie now, that's why.
People no longer enjoy wholesome or cute, they want dirty and disgusting, it's a necessary.
Well, I guess that's just most people, because old television shows and movies still sell on e-bay and have entire television networks related to these things.
But, honestly, how many wholesome movies do you see anymore getting awards or major premieres. Almost everything whole gets released immediately to video or is rated a kids/family film. Even our rating system is way off track in this day n' age. What used to be PG now contains PG-13 material, PG-13 contains R rated stuff, and R rated stuff sometimes goes way into the realm of what used to be soft porn.
Than of course there's the whole cussing oxymoron that we've got going right now. It's okay to say Bi*!*, but if you say F**!, than you're crossing a line. It's okay to cuss up a storm, but to say cocaine(this is especially true with music on the radio), well than you're going to get a bleep or a moment of silence.
We really need to get our ratings system, content, and values back into line and buy the most expensive GPS on the market to find our morals(apparently after the hippies screwed around, and did all the mushrooms they could dig out of a pile of cow crap, it became okay to be completely immoral).