September 26, 2008

Govermental Joke

This election, out of many past elections, is probably the biggest joke I've seen yet. It's all about men and women and black or white. It's no longer, and I'm pretty sure hasn't ever been, about the war in Iraq, the economy, illegal immigration, or any of the other million and one problems America is facing right now. We, as Americans, should be appalled by this, and doing something to try and change it. But, as us Americans often do, we're ignoring the whole thing and marching on as if nothings wrong. We may have our moments of bravery but we also have quite a few moments of ignorance. And, while ignorance may be bliss, it's getting us deeper and deeper into this hole we started sinking into as soon as 9/11 happened.
Not that all of this wouldn't have happened without 9/11, but the excuse for this war was 9/11, so you can at least say that the war wouldn't have happened for that reason. Than again Bush would have used some other excuse to sucker us into sending thousands of our people over to die, make millions off of our ignorance towards oil, making even more millions from weapons manufacturers, sucking the life out of our economy and destroying any respect other countries may have had for us.
But, that's just me thinking out loud. Somebody is sure to defend Bush, our country, or both. You know, spouting words like brave, right thing to do, honor, and more blah, blah, blah. At the end of the day we all know it's all crap. None of us believe in our country anymore or respect the people who have died to defend it. If we did we'd stop the government from smacking us around and take the power of "the people" back into our hands.
That's all for now, I could ramble for hours about the lack of respect we have for our own country. But, it would all be a waste of time because we're all brainwashed into believing the government is a little screwed up but still doing their job.