September 8, 2008

Heavenly Creatures

Why is it that people believe that when you, or someone special to you, dies that you(or they) become an angel? Where in the bible does it say anything about people becoming angels ?

I believe the correct answer to that is NOWHERE. That's right, people do not become angels, no matter how good they are. I mean come on now, even Jesus didn't become an angel.

Angels were created long before we were, and according to the bible, before God flooded the Earth(you know, Noah and the Ark), that humans and angels inter-breeded, creating giants. But, once again according to the bible, they were wiped out in the flood.

I don't know when and how we ended up with this misguided idea that any person ever becomes angel. It's not true, and has never been true.

We were created by God separately from the angels. Angels are God's messengers, servants, punishers, etc. We are just humans, we choose our path in life and, although we can serve God, we'll never be anywhere near the same "rank" as angels.

But, that's just my opinion, supported by biblical facts, but my opinion none the less. I haven't memorized the bible or ever stood before God and asked whether or not we become angels. So, I could be completely off, but according to everything I know, angels are angels and humans are humans.