September 22, 2008

Backing Up

I just realized today the importance of backing up the pictures on your computer. My computer crashed and I lost all of my, somewhere around, 2000 pictures. They were pictures that are priceless, pictures of my kids, my wife, and other various UN-re-take-able photos. I had to format my hard drive in order to get my computer running again, and as we speak, I'm running a photo recovery program. I'm crossing my fingers that it can recover those UN-replaceable photos. So, this is an important reminder from little ol' me, to backup all of your important document, pictures, and all other irreplaceable information stored on your computer. Yes, it's a huge hassle to copy all of it onto an external hard drive or CD/DVD. But, it's worth every agonizing moment, so that you can avoid the even more agonizing moments of realizing you've lost those files.