September 5, 2008

DNC Lies

I live in Denver, where the DNC recently took place, and I noticed one big thing about having such a big political campaign in my hometown, politicians are really good at hiding the truth.
I know this is not exactly profound, it's something we've all had varying degree of reality on for most of our lives, politicians are liars.
But, I found myself really taken back by something our governor, Bill Ritter, did for the DNC.
For one week he sent all of the homeless people to hotels and used some of our state budget to not only house them, but to feed them.
To most this would sound like a kind gesture, but the next part of it takes all those pretty, little butterfly thoughts away.
He did it because, simply put, he didn't want the politicians and delegates to have to deal with seeing the homeless of Denver. He didn't want them bugging the delegates or putting a bad taste in their mouths.
In other words, he did it to hide the homeless, so that Denver would appear to be a nicer and cleaner city.
My wife and I watched the news, and saw not only local businesses, but the local government, "prettying up" the city for the DNC.
I'm sorry but I live here, and what the delegates and politicians saw while they were here is not the reality of Denver.
Downtown Denver is full of drug dealers, homeless, gangs, and many things that plague most large cities. We are not a glistening piece of gold, as the DNC coverage and preparations would try to make it appear.
But, it's not the business owners doing the "prettying up" that bothered me. It's the fact that you'd hide a whole group of people, the homeless, because they are a disgrace that shouldn't be seen. To me that seems low, and extremely sad. Homeless or not, they are people, not trash, not some disgusting odor that needs to be blown away.
They have just as much right to be here as any $2000 dollar suit wearing businessman.