August 21, 2008

Russian Roulette

Every one's been ignoring Russia since this whole war in Iraq started, and I guess now we're going to regret it. We should have learned from history that the Russians like to sneak in and use their military might while no one is looking. It happened in WW2, when they were on Germany's side, than Germany turned on them, so they were supposed to help stop Germany, and, next thing you know, they didn't want to give any of the territory's they'd helped free back.
Of course things haven't changed over time, Putin is a believer in the old KGB view of Russian power and might. They're not going to pull out of Georgia and just say "sorry about that", they've put too much force into taking the territory's they've taken, plus their are parts of Georgia that have expressed interest in having Russia "free them" from Georgian rule.
And, of course, America, the self styled world police, are going to stick their noses into the whole thing. It's because of those poor innocent Georgians, right ? Wrong, it's because there is a major oil line involved, that Russia could potentially gain control over.
That's all for my return post, we'll see how it plays out I guess, but I don't think things are going to go down the yellow brick road with this whole Russian power play.