August 21, 2008


You're probably wondering what A.A.D.D. is, well it's a new term I've come up with(I'm coining it here and now, don't even think about claiming it as your own).

It stands for American Attention Deficit Disorder, and I'm afraid that almost every last one of us suffers from this affliction.

It's that whole mental part of us Americans that can go from watching a news story about the Russians invading Georgia, than move right on to Paris Hilton wearing no underwear while attending the Emmy's.

We're cold hearted, just admit it, we're a cold hearted country for the most part. We experience tragedy, feel terrible for about 2 months, claim that we're going to change the way we live, change the way we live for about another 2 months, than, BAM, we go right back to giving each other the finger, cussing up a storm, complaining when we can't afford that new flat screen t.v., and the list goes on.

I'm not saying all Americans are like this, as there are those whom do actually change and become better people through reflection. It's just a trend that I don't think anyone can miss in our culture, we can be very cold.

It's this ability to jump from tragedy to being greedy and un-caring that is the biggest symptom of A.A.D.D.

I've watched this back and forth switch with things like 9/11 and the Columbine School Shootings, just to name some of the bigger ones. And, it's scary how quickly we can go from being caring, heartfelt, save the world people to complaining about the most shallow things in the blink of an eye.