July 5, 2008

Obama, Go Away...

I don't know how every one else feels about Obama, but I'm all for sending him packing.

He just seems a bit too "convenient" for me, a little too eager and able to fix all of our problems. And, if history is any indication (Hitler being the most prominent example), someone that seems to have all the solutions and always has a "car salesman" smile on their face is the person to steer clear of. He's going to fix the economy ( Hitler fixed Germany's economy, while smiling and getting his guns ready for World War 3), he's going to fix the situation in Iraq( of course he is, that's what we all want to hear), he's going to just take all of our worries away.

Yep, sounds like someone who's getting ready to screw you every which way to me. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but I was raised to believe in a simple philosophy, " If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is".

I think the day we vote Obama into the office we might as well get our lips wet, cause we're going to be kissing our butts goodbye.