July 2, 2008


Do something for me will you, close your eyes and imagine what the perfect life looks like to you. It's that simple, nothing more, nothing less, just imagine.

Maybe it's the Bahamas, Disneyland, your own art gallery with the rarest prints, anything that you dream of, imagine, or wish for.

Stay there for awhile, relax and just make that place a real place in your mind.

Take this moment and just get away from the world for a few minutes, make that place a permanent place in you mind, use that place when your feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just want to get away.

No, don't answer your cell phone, they'll leave a voicemail. Yes, your favorite show is coming on soon, you can watch it next week.

This is your time to believe in dreams, relax and get away from the world for a bit.

Once again, that's it, it's that simple. Creating that place may help you someday, it may help you tomorrow, or in a few minutes. Heck, it may even keep you from screaming at your kids, having that cigarette, or throwing that plate across the room.

Everyone needs a place, a place away. Think this idea is stupid, fine, don't do it, I don't want you to force yourself.

Just remember, even science admits that mind often works over matter and that the mind is a powerful thing.

This simple act is a form of meditation, I didn't invent it, I'm just giving you the insight to test drive a simple act.