July 10, 2008

Happy "Golden Birthday" to you...

Have any of you ever of a "Golden Birthday"? It's something that occurs only once in a lifetime. The definition of a "Golden Birthday" is very simple, it's the day when your age lines up with the day you were born. For example; my birthday is January 10, so my "Golden Birthday" was when I turned 10. You're supposed to celebrate this special birthday in a bigger way than you celebrate any other.

Some fun things you can do for yours, your kids, friends, relatives, etc:

  • One example I found on "John's Jottings", a wordpress.com blog, was from a reply sent to him when he did a post on "Golden Birthday's", "A couple years back I threw a party for my best friend when she turned 26. I had 26 guest, 26 games, 26 condiments for baked potatoes, gave her 26 gifts, and created various posters for the hall with lists of 26 people who shared her birthday, 26 products involving the number 26, 26 historical events on her birthday, 26 famous people with her name, etc. etc."

  • Really go all out and have that birthday party you(or the other person) have always wanted. If you've always wanted to celebrate your birthday in Las Vegas go for it, if you've always wanted to go sky diving make the reservations for this day, etc, etc. Make it as special as you can, you literally only get one of these.

  • If you've already missed yours(as everyone has on the day of this post), you could always make a special memory book, box, or scrapbook with pictures, items you may still have from your "Golden Birthday", write down special memory's you have of that day and put them in, etc. Just because it's over doesn't mean you can't still grab that great big mental highlighter and mark it.

More information about "Golden Birthday's" from "John's Jottings" can be found at HERE

And, more information on the history of birthdays, traditions, special birthdays and more can be found on Wikipedia HERE