July 6, 2008

Attention Whores

You know I was listening to Britney Spears(yes, Britney Spears, laugh all you like) the other day, the song was "Piece of Me". It's her song about the paparazzi taking pics of her and how she's constantly in the media for all of her stupid crap. I got to thinking about it while I was listening to the song, and I got to thinking(as I sometimes have a tendency to do). The problem with movie stars, singers, and celebrity's in general nowadays is that they don't care how they get the spotlight shone on them. They do whatever it takes to get people to notice them, especially the celebs that have fallen out of the lime light. It doesn't matter if it's using their kids(I'm not pointing any fingers, yet), having a secret sex tape stolen and published(stolen my ash, it's all planned out), or some kind of drug or alcohol addiction. All that matter is that people pay attention to them. Talk about "Mommy" and "Daddy" complexes, Hollywood's full of people that can't live without eyes on them. In a way it's an addiction much worse than any drug or alcohol, the addiction to attention. Hurting yourself and others in order to gain notoriety or attention, scary stuff. But, than again, we feed that addiction every time we read that issue of "US" magazine, featuring pictures of Britney Spears smoking around her kids(like millions of Americans aren't doing the same thing right this moment). They are the addicts and the media, the paparazzi, their agents, their PR cronies, and you and I are the dealers.