June 4, 2008

Don't Look at me that Way

Racism, seems like in this day n' age only white people are capable of it. For some reason people can't open their eyes and see that any race is capable of racism against another. I get that black slavery happened, I'm reminded of it once a year at least.
But what about what the American Indians went through(and continue to go through, you don't see them getting their land back), the Chinese(especially during the Western expansion days, when they were used as slave labor), and the Holocaust. Those are just a few of the more well known acts of racism and/or slavery. Not only that, but although segregation was outlawed we still segregate ourselves. I'm still waiting for W.E.T. (White Entertainment Television) or how about Chinese American History Month.
All of this division makes no sense to me if we're all supposed to be equal. Why is it that we need special times each year to put one specific race or sex up onto a pedestal, when we're supposed to be equal. People nowadays are so worried about that guy deserves that because he's black, or that man got a better job than that woman because he's a man, and on and on.
How about we take a look into the past and see how much better things have gotten or around the world at how bad things still are, instead of always wanting more, more, more. Change is great, it makes for a prosperous world, but what's the point if none of us ever appreciate how far we've come.
Even Martin Luther King J.R.'s message has been twisted. His message was equality among all races, Yet, somehow, his message has been changed to African American equality. He wasn't for one race having equality over another, he was about all of us being equal(black, white, yellow, red, everyone).
In conclusion, we need to truly stop judging each other by race, sex or creed. But, to do that we need to stop setting everyone apart from everyone else. We're living in self-imposed segregation, we're making ourselves UN-equal.