March 8, 2008

What happens next ?

The ultimate question we all ask; what happens to us when we die? It’s a question that’s plagued mankind since the beginning of our existence. And, this simple question has a million sometimes complicated, sometimes very simple answers. Along with those answers, comes a lot of belief that how we live our lives affects the question of where we go when we die. You have the Christian belief that when we die we go to Heaven or Hell. But that in itself leaves a lot more questions. Do we follow the Bible to a T and say that when we die, we lay and wait in our graves ‘till the “End of Days“, rise from the dead, then go to Heaven or Hell? Or, do we go straight to Heaven or Hell when our time here is over? Do our beliefs affect our final outcome? What happens to people who’ve never even heard of or don’t follow Christianity? Do they get a “Get out of Jail Free” card because they didn’t know the rules? Do they go straight to Hell because they don’t believe in God or Christ? Or is it all based on how we live our lives, whether we’re “good” or “bad“? And can we go from being “good” to “bad” or vice versa in the last minutes of our lives here? Then you’ve got the complete opposite of all that. Do we just cease to exist? Could all of our deeds, good or bad, cease to have any true meaning when we die? I read a philosophical discussion in my philosophy book, and it went something like this: It’s smarter to believe in God and live by his rules, because that way you’ve got nothing to lose in the end. If he does exist, you go to Heaven and if he doesn’t, you cease to exist. As opposed to not believing at all, then if he does exist, you go to Hell or just cease to exist. So on one side you’ve got a win/win situation and on the other, a win/lose situation. Well that’s all for today, my brain hurts, but more shall be on its way.