March 8, 2008

Man made Biology

How many of us really take a close look at the manmade world around us? Have you ever noticed that most of our technology duplicates, usually on a larger scale, something that exit’s in the human anatomy? For those with a bit of a religious pull, it seems God created man and we put together our world based on our “image”. You’ve got sewage systems, treatment plants, recycling plants and food processors that duplicate our digestive system. Then there are power plants, high speed internet, phone lines and electrical lines that duplicate our nervous system. Next we have weapons like knives, clubs, etc. that duplicate our own defensive attributes (finger nails, fists, feet and hands). Finally, we have computers, calculators, monitors, televisions and other “smart” technology that directly relates to how our brains work. And this only covers a very basic overview of human biology reproduced in our technology. This list doesn’t even cover 1/100th of the relations. Plus you could create a whole other list of technology that replicates the attributes and biology of other life forms; plants and animals. In conclusion, next time you’ve got a bit of free time take a look at the world around you and think about all the ways it mirrors biological life.