March 21, 2009

The Answer

I've finally figured out a solution to a major American problem. You see we have a male cat that up until two weeks ago was UN-neutered because he was too young. Well up until now he wasn't particularly human friendly. I mean he was all for us petting him when he was in the mood, but would nip at you or claw you at any given moment. He was fairly anti-social and kind of kept to himself most of the time. Well, we got him neutered and now he is the friendliest cat you could ever imagine. He can't get enough human affection and attention and he never claws or nips anymore.
So, what if instead of incarcerating violent criminals we just neutered them? It's the perfect answer to our prison over population problems and you can help them become upstanding citizens. You cut off their balls and maybe, just maybe, they'll become more affectionate and people friendly too.
Just a thought, no reason to listen to little ol me, just a thought.