April 21, 2008

I'm back, everyone please take a seat...

Sorry for the absence, I had some business in the real world. So, how is everyone? I ask that of course hoping you'll send me a response. Any who, the world is a busy place isn't it. All of us running around like ants.
I think tonight I will cover a subject that has always intrigued me, psychics. I personally don't believe in half of them, the other half I'd be willing to give a chance. It's hard to trust anyone anymore, and too many of them are vague about what they "see".
This is a profession thousands of years old, under different names, but always the same idea. A person/persons, that can see in to the future, read your mind, interpret your dreams, etc. Or a combination of the above.
My favorite thus far is Sylvia Brown, an interesting woman. She provides alot of detail, is rarely vague, and has, in fact, helped quite a few police investigations. I myself have practiced this art, and find it quite draining.
But, as I said in the beginning, I'll look into about half and feel like the other half are scams. I urge you though to look into this subject, whether your a believer or not, it's an interesting subject that spans many generations. It's become just as Americanized as Taco Bell recently, but the history on it is very intriguing.