June 24, 2008

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a bridge...

Don't know the end of the joke, well Pete fell off and who was left ? That's right, repeat. The joke just keeps going and going.
Well I'd like to take that very simple joke to make a statement....
We, America, the World, People, our beliefs, our idea's, everything is a giant example of that joke. Everything we think is new, has already been thought of, we just think it's new because it's sleeker and cooler.
"Things just keep getting worse and worse, the world is going to end any day now", a sentiment shared today, a sentiment shared 2000 years ago.
We're living the same lives over and over, and I'm not talking reincarnation here.
The whole idea of "repeating", as I like to call it, is especially prevalent here in my home country, the good ol' U.S. of A. We think of ourselves as the ruling civilization, that will never crumble and holds all the cards. Well, so did Rome, and Greece, Egypt, The Mayans, and the Inca. And, those are just some of the more well known "Great" civilizations that have "ruled the world".
You think any of them sat around and said, " You know what, I bet our society will crumble someday, and cease to exist as we know it"? I would be willing to bet that's a sentiment not shared by the major civilizations.
Yet, all of them crumbled and became just another story in the history books, another set of ruins to pick through, another pile of garbage to examine under a microscope and be viewed in a museum.
I'm sorry, but that will eventually be us, the mighty rulers of the planet. Somebody will be looking through our ancient trash dumps, picking through the remains of our once highly advanced structures, and hanging our bones in some museum for people to "OOOOhhh, Wow, that's interesting" about.
Technology won't save us, the civilizations above had eye dazzling technology for their time and what happened to them? They collapsed, only to be replaced by yet another civilization.
And the world that's such a terrible and scary place "nowadays", well go back even a hundred years, we wouldn't stand a chance.
You think it's so terrible that you heard gun shots last night down the street, how about a gunfight right outside your window, and sometimes those were just for fun.
Take it back a bit further to the great and wonderful Renaissance, talk crap about your king back than.... "Off with your head!!!!".
Basically what I'm trying to say is, well very simple actually, we're not as wonderful as our arrogance makes us believe, our problems are as massive as we imagine, and our Civilization won't last forever. Even if the end of the world doesn't come for a thousand years, our civilization will be ancient by than.