April 2, 2008

Waiting Line Blues

I thought I'd do one more thought for the night, a little poke at how things are run. Has anyone ever noticed that all of the things that the government deems necessary, are also the most time consuming and irritating.
Jury Duty, you have to wait for hours to find out if you've won the grand prize, a vacation from work to sit in a courtroom. Most of the time you end up on a case like, I don't know, the 16 year old master thief who got caught stealing from Walmart.
The next big thing, I'm sure everyone agrees on this one, is the Drivers Licence Bureau. You can wait in line for literally hours, just to get your ID(forget anything more complicated). My pet peeve is the DMV, I've waited for hours, as I'm sure many have, only to find out I'm missing one single, simple thing. Whoosh, you get to start all over again.
My wife and I recently had dealings with the government, not in a bad way mind you, at our local food stamp office. Turns out that anytime, and every time, you have to turn the tiniest bit of paperwork in you have to wait in line for at least 45 minutes. Our case worker is such a wonderful woman, she lost all of our paperwork, and now wants us to turn it all in again. So, because a well paid government employee misplaced our paper work, we've got to wait in that line again. Not to mention if we miss one thing, she won't let us know until at least a week later, we have to go back and wait in line again.
I just don't understand how the government, the system that is supposed to be running our entire country, could be so completely disorganized. Sorry, don't like to whine to much, my problems with this are much smaller than a million other people's problems.
Once again, just had to get that out there. It's a subject many people discuss and I wanted to bring it to light, your not the only one fed up.