December 24, 2012

Your Thing is...

Well, what is it? Playing guitar, doodling, writing, singing 80's hair band music, designing your own clothing...

If you don't know, take a moment and try to think of that one thing you can zone into.

Have you got it?

If you do, examine your thing for a moment(yes, you may giggle).

If no, well, stop right here, don't read any further just yet, do not collect two-hundred dollars.

Your reading this either way aren't you?

Well, there's nothing I can do about it, but remember, I gave fair warning. There are spoilers ahead.

The most well kept secret in life is this:

Finding that one thing that you can really get into is the greatest stress reliever in the world. It's better than any drug on the market(or off, for that matter), it will help treat sadness, loneliness, feeling of inadequacy, and, as long as it's not a dangerous thing, contains no negative side effects.

So, how can you tell when you've really found your thing? Well, I've put together a few things I believe are the building block of what a thing consists of below.

  1. It does no real harm to you or anyone else. Of course, playing guitar causes some minor damage called calluses. But, hopefully those of you reading this have a fairly good grasp on what I mean by harm. I'm crossing my fingers here.
  2. It's something you think about doing even in the middle of the busiest day of your life.
  3. If it paid well enough, you'd do this thing for a living and be deliriously happy about it.
  4. Your thing makes you happy, even if your not smiling while doing it.
  5. You instantly feel the negative energy begin to flow out of you the instant your really zoned into your thing.
  6. And, finally, when you're into your thing, time has no real meaning. Hours may go by without you noticing.  

Okay, for those of you whom I left to examine their thing, does it fit into the above list? Or, is there more to it for you? I'd love to hear from you, hear what your thing is and what words come to mind when you think of it. Or, maybe your not a word person, maybe your more visual. Than send me a picture of what relaxes you and helps you escape. You can leave your words in the comments section of this post, or e-mail me a picture at