April 27, 2009


People all over the U.S. and, not to sound too egotistical, all over the world are talking about the U.S. economy and the big mess we're in as a country. "How are we going to get out of this?", I hear from a lot of people I've talked to about it. I thought and thought on this trying to come up with a logical answer as to how and when we'll overcome the mess that's been created.
Than a friend and I were talking yesterday and today it finally meshed together to form the logical answer, at least for me.
Maybe it's not about how we're going to survive this or how we can get out of this mess. It could be that, like a wild fire, this is our chance to almost start from scratch.
Maybe it all needs to fall apart so that we can see the framework of this place we've made for ourselves over the past few hundred years.
I find myself realizing that every civilization on the planet has gone through a sort of renewal period throughout history and America being the young country that it is has to hit this period at some point. Why not now ?
Just about every renewal I've read about involved some kind of a revolution on the part of the people.
Now we've gone through the literal Revolution but it is in this day and age that we see the reality of the most diverse group of citizens ever to come together in history. Think of the American Revolution as the birth of our nation, the Civil War as our terrible twos, and now we're coming up on being toddlers and learning to walk and talk as a nation.
So, maybe it's not how do we fix this. Maybe it's formulating a new plan for the future. Our system need a renewal.